Tuesday, November 05, 2002

That Governor Thomas Roberts was the son of John Roberts of Woolaston is clear (for those who have any doubts please consult www.glassenbury.blogspot.com).

In "The Visitation of Huntingdonshire" (1613), Camden Society, London (1849), p. 31 (pedigree of AP RHESE), there is a reference to a "John Roberts of Wolastone" who was the first of four husbands of Cassandra ap Rhese, the daughter of William ap Rhese (or Price), who was the son and heir of Robert and his wife Joan (the daughter of John Otter), and of Elizabeth, daughter and sole heir of Robert Latimer of Duntish. Robert ap Rhese was the son of Isaac & Joane, sister of Sir Reginald Bray, Knight & Counsellor tp King Henry VII. Isaac was the son of Juon ap Rhese and a daughter and co-heir of Wonton. Juon was the son of Mathew ap Rhese of Lan in Brecknock and of a daughter and heir of Radnall. And finally, Mathew was the son of Juon and a daughter and heire of Cradock. The pedigree also gives a long ascent of Joane Otter from Richard Washingley, who is mentioned in 1366.

This John Roberts would have been of the generation before the Visitation (1613), therefore perhaps not the father but grandfather of the Thomas Roberts who became Governor of Dover, New Hampshire, if this is the right Woolaston.

The link seems worthy of more research for those interested in a possible ascent for Governor Roberts.